Hotels in Auli uttarakhand | Resorts in auli - (2020 updated list)

Clifftop Club Hotel

hotels in auli uttarakhand
hotels in Auli Uttarakhand

Hey! Auli lovers are you planning to visit Hotels in Auli Uttarakhand and planning for your next holiday trip in Auli Uttarakhand. here I am going to give you the list of hotels in Auli and I'm very willing to know you about  Auli Uttarakhand weather.
Clifftop club hotel is a luxurious ski resort in Auli located in Garhwal Himalayas of the northern state of Uttarakhand at more than 1000 feet above the sea level. The clifftop is generally the hotels in Auli Uttarakhand known as the top of the world's highest-altitude hotel resorts in the world. This resort is located in Auli, the most famous visiting place of Uttarakhand in the summers and as well as winter. Basically, the clifftop club hotel organizes the National winter games in Auli to enhance the capability and skill of the visitors and also this is the major aspect of enthusiasm and encourages them to come next holidays.

Location of Clifftop Club Hotel in auli 

Generally, Auli situated in Joshimath and the road from Joshimath from the clifftop club hotel is 17 km. The steep rout of this location is a fully snowy gradient that makes vehicles unfit to stay tuned in winter.

How to reach Clifftop Club Hotel in Auli Uttarakhand 

  • Auli is one of the finest places to visit in Uttarakhand.
  •  Auli is fully motorable so you don't need to worry about step walking. and if you planning to visit Auli by air the nearest airport is Jolly Grant (Dehradun) airport around  268 km distance from Auli.
  • Remember:- During winters ( December to February) the road between Joshimath and Auli is nonoperational due to an extremely snowy cover blanket. But don't worry still you can enjoy and go Auli (Cable cars is the only transportation mode from Joshimath to Auli) The last trip of a day end to cable cars till 4 pm in winter and 5 pm in summers.

Accommodation of clifftop club resort

  • There are(22 studio rooms) and (18 luxurious suites) and (2 luxury family duplex suits)  all suits are well accommodated including the sofa washroom and bedroom. All units have Television,  Telephones for Query oil heaters, etc. 
  • Studio room:-(maximum occupancy only 2) 
  • luxurious suites:- (maximum occupancy only 2+2) 
  • family duplex suite:-(maximum occupancy only 5-6) 

Clifftop club hotel resort Address

Clifftop club resorts
Club groups of hotel
Auli, Chamoli district
Uttarakhand, India  
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Grand Kailash Hotel

best hotels in Auli Uttarakhand 

Hotel Grand Kailash is situated at Singhdhar district Chamoli. it is such a wonderful hotel offering good accommodation, restaurants, and conference cum Banquet halls to its guests. Hotel Grand Kailash has modern interior fully designed Rooms which not only offering this gesture but also giving a memorable immortal memory of Grand Kailash Hotel. This is also a wonderful affordable place to stay for a night. many visitors come here every day and the facility of this hotel as same as a three-star hotel. You may get everything in your room with a single booking.

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How to reach hotel grand Kailash hotel in Auli Uttarakhand 

The best way to reach a hotel grand Kailash from Joshimath. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport Dehradun. from Joshimath, you can contact local drivers of this place and also there are lots of passenger vehicles for Tourists to facilitate with less affordable fair and maintenance. although the road is fully painted so you not gonna have any kind of Disturbance on this Road.  

Accommodation of grand Kailash Hotel in Auli uttarakhand

  • There are 18 units of rooms. Rooms of the Hotel Grand Kailash are well decorated and Furnished. which have all the modern facilities like Wifi, Decorated clean Bead Sheets, attach washroom, a television connected with satellite?
  •  So that no stone left unturned in taking care of their Guests. The rooms are categorized as a Double Bedroom, Family room, Duplex Room you can choose any of them as your accordance.
  •  The room amenities including a double bed, telephone, en-suite bathroom, which is equipped with essential toiletries with 24/7 hot and cold water, storage unit, mineral water, etc.

Grand Kailash hotel Auli Address

Grand Kailash Hotel Auli Uttarakhand 
Singh Dhar Shri Badrinath road
Joshimath Uttarakhand-246443
Mobile number- +91-8191933300
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Blue Poppy Resorts

best hotels in Auli - blue poppy resorts in Auli
Blue Poppy Resort in Auli 

Blue Poppy Resorts is basically a combination of modernization and Huts beauty. Blue Poppy Resorts has 17 Huts with the modern-day facility, it is located in Auli best place to visit in Uttarakhand you can visit any time here. The real beauty of the hotel and resorts in Uttarakhand you see the clouds and fog in monsoon. snowfall with the white sheet of snow in winter. and the clean mountains peak in summer. These are the multi-dimension beauty of Uttarakhand's hotel Blue Poppy Resort's Huts provide you the 180-degree view of mountains. This hotel in Auli is fully motorable generally Auli is the chain of beautiful hotels and resorts and you can see many of hotels from Blue Poppy Resorts. 

Location of Blue Poppy Resorts

Blue Poppy Resorts is located in Auli Joshimath near Hanuman Mandir in Auli district Chamoli. This place is fully motorable and you can pick any local vehicle to enjoy your Destination.

Accommodation of Blue Poppy Resorts

  • This resort has a total of 17 well modern furnished huts. with modern-day facilities that won't take you a single inch from your comfort.
  •  You will feel better to stay here, all the  Huts of this Resorts placed on the accordance of customer need means the person who books Resort for a night stay has to see the Best facilities.
  •  This resort huts are placed in a 180-degree angle to see the vast overview of beautiful mountains. This is the only resort in Auli which gives you full scenery view of Nanda Devi.
  •  The main center of attraction of this resort is a complete wooden Architecture. 
  • The lover of photography, and birds watcher. Nature beauty clicker. This place is best for those to click the scenery.  You will be able to see lots of different species of Birds with the veritable of colors. The beauty of this area is really gonna treat your eyes and mind too.

 Blue Poppy Resorts Address

Blue Poppy Hotel Auli, Uttarakhand, India 
District-Chamoli Auli, Joshimath
Near Hanuman Mandir, Auli
Pin code 246443
Mobile- +919991142759
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Himalayan Eco Lodge 

hotels in auli uttarakhand
Himalayan Eco Lodges in auli uttarakhand 

This hotel has 15 duplex rooms and good sight views of the front-facing high peak of Himalayas and almost 10 Himalayan view rooms. This selection of view is made for visitors accordance. They love to see the outmost wonderfull background rather than square 4 walls rooms. It fells you to mesmerize and full of joy and enthusiasm. the modern facilities and spongy bed sheets, sofas, television, and well-decorated rooms are the key attraction point for the guests. as the name defines of this hotel is located and placed in the side where Himalayan peak looks at you to see its beauty. and you get obsessed to prise the Beauty of the Heaven of the Earth

Location of Himalayan Eco Lodge 

This place of Heaven is located in the lap of  Auli Uttarakhand, district Joshimath Himalayan Eco Lodge is located at the distance of 5 km before Joshimath.

Accommodation of Himalayan Eco Lodge

  • Himalayan Eco Lodges provide restaurants and a beautiful shared lounge.
  •  This is basically a three-star Hotel which provides luggage space facilities.
  •  The hotel rooms are well furnished and well decorated, full of modern facilities and each room has separate attach washrooms. 
  • This lodge offers you a buffet of vegetarian breakfast and all kinda treat. Food facilities are wonderful with the clean environment you will gonna fall in love with the environment of this hotel.

Himalayan Eco Lodge Address   

Himalayan Eco Lodge Auli Uttarakhand, India 
Auli, Joshimath,
Pin code- 246443
District- Chamoli 
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best hotels in auli uttarakhand
Dronagiri  Best Hotel in Auli

Dronagiri Hotel is one of the well interior design hotels in Auli Uttarakhand and also the Best hotel in Auli. located in Joshimath. your soul will fell a fresh spirit in Auli. this hotel serves you warm hospitality and professional well-furnished hotels. Rooms of this hotel are categorized in different shades so as to meet the need of the guest. and the most pleasuring thing is ample parking space. This hotel also provides various trips to guest for instance-( Kedarnath, Badrinath, Auli ) and top 10 temples of Uttarakhand. and if you are really planning to visit Auli so Dronagiri Hotel must be your first place to stay.

Location of Dronagiri Hotel   

Hotel Dronagiri is located in Joshimath town in Auli beautiful place to visit once in Uttarakhand. and you know Drona Giri hotel building is the first building that you will probably gonna see while entering Joshimath 

Accommodation of Dronagiri Hotel

  • The room of this Hotel is categorized in different parts like an executive suite, deluxe, duplex and Family rooms. All the rooms are a good taste of the beautiful interior finishing room and also this is the list of hotels in Auli Uttarakhand 
  •  Amenities of Hotel Dronagiri is cable tv, hot and cool water all time as per guest needs and super clean rooms with flexible bed sheets.
  • All categories of different size of rooms are the best quality rooms as compared to others as I realized 
  • Super Duplex rooms have attached balconies to see the beautiful scenery of Auli Uttarakhand.

Dronagiri Hotel Address

Dronagiri Hotel Joshimath
District- Joshimath, Auli, India, Uttarakhand 
Pin Code- 246443
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In this post, I put all the necessary information regarding the best hotels in Auli

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