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Auli Uttarakhand

Hey! Auli Uttarakhand lover Ypee! so, finally, you made a plan 😊 to visit Auli in Uttarakhand. I was eagerly waiting for you. So, now let's know everything about Auli.

Auli is known as a popular hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. In Auli, you can visualize the clear mountain view of well known India’s second-highest peak, Nanda Devi. Once you reach the highest point of Auli you can feel the beauty of Devabhoomi. Auli is well famous for capturing the natural beauty of mountains and enchanting views.

Location of Auli

Auli is located in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand. which is situated at a high of 2,800 meters above sea level. Amidst summer the valley has numerous and versatile species of flowers found in Auli, and it is one of the highest numbers found ever in the world. and this is the real beauty of Auli. Visitors and tourists love this place, not because of fun they love Auli for its heaven natural beauty.

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Where is? ( Auli Bugyal or Auli Meadow )

If you don't know a lot about Auli, So, in this article, I'll cover each and every point just stay tuned.

  1. Country: India

  2. State: Uttarakhand

  3. Location: Chamoli, Auli ( Uttarakhand )

  4. Region: Garhwal Himalayas

  5. Altitude: 2,800 meters and 9,800 ft ( above the sea level )

  6. Known as: Auli, Auli Bugyal

 Auli Geographically

Auli located at a high of 2,800 meters and 9,800 ft above the sea level in the Chamoli district. This place mostly covered by coniferous, oak forests and evergreen trees.

History of Auli Uttarakhand

Mythology says in the 8th century Shankaracharya visit Auli and built holy "Joshimath Temple" and its existing. People visit here for their successful destiny. There was a training ground facility for Indo Tibetan border police.

Do you know these facts about Auli?

Tourism in Auli Uttarakhand

Auli is well dedicatedly known for ski destinations and hiking, lakes, and hill-climbing, rafting and many more. And you know! Before the creation of Uttarakhand in [ 9th Nov 2000 ], Auli was formerly the part of Uttarpradesh.

And now it is the famous tourist destination in Uttarakhand and this place is a famous honeymoon destination in Uttarakhand. slopes of Auli uttarakhand is well designed naturally or a combination of artificially for professional or newbies. And the most interesting thing is the Uttarakhand government ( GMVNL ) - Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited takes care of this place.

Every year the tourism department of Uttarakhand organizes winter sports for tourists to make this place more enthusiastic and adorable.

Transportation of Auli Uttarakhand

Now, let's know about the transportation facility of  Auli Uttarakhand. This place is fully motorable so, no need to panic about transportation. Auli will offer you all facilities as per your needs.

By Flight - Dehradoon ( jolly grant airport ) the nearest airport near Auli and the total distance between Auli to Dehradun is 271 kilometers. the airport operates daily flights to Delhi by various flights eg; indigo, air India, spice jet organize 9 daily flights.

So, don't wait anymore! plan your trip and enjoy the fabulous greeting of Auli Uttarakhand.

By Train - If you are pretty interested in traveling by rail so the nearest [ Rishikesh railway station ] will be the best choice for you.

By Road - Travelling by road is one of the best choices. Auli is 13 kilometers from Joshimath.

Joshimath to Rishikesh - 253 kilometers
Joshimath to Haridwar - 278 kilometers
Joshimath to Dehradun - 300 kilometers
Joshimath to Delhi  - 500 kilometers

What to do in Auli Uttarakhand

Skiing - If you are brave ad adventurous so, Auli is a perfect place for you the slopes are totally developed for formally trained and newbies and the most important thing is if you want to do skiing then Auli will be your favorite destination for skiing and cloudy, breezy winter climate will meet your requirements.

Cable car adventure - Auli in Uttarakhand is also known as Asia's longest cable car - 4 km ropeway supported by 10 towers for your precious safety.

Lakes - Lakes of Auli Uttarakhand is very famous. You can visit Chenab lake, Chattrakund lake, Artificial lake is the highest man-made lake next to the clifftop club hotel in auli.

Temples - If you are interested in spirituality so, In Uttarakhand, Auli offers you various temples views where you can beseech as a pilgrim eg: Hanuman temple, Joshimath temple, Kalpavriksha, Bhavisya Badri temple, Narsingh temple and many more in Auli.

Valley of flowers - This valley encompassed by 3 sides of Nanda Devi peak if you are interested to know the flora and fauna diversity so you should visit this place. And auli is mostly famous for "Valley of flowers".

Trekking - If you are a trekking lover so these are the location where you should make fun ( Kuari pass trek, Pangrachulla trek, Vishnupryag. These are the famous trekking places in auli.

Best time to visit in Auli Uttarakhand

You can visit Auli in Uttarakhand at any time. During the summer ( April to June ) in auli you can feel here the pleasant atmospheric weather. In winter ( December and February ) you can enjoy the snowfall and skiing adventure which the Uttarakhand tourism department organizes every year in Auli especially in winter.

Summer - During ( April to June ) the temperature heats up to [ 17 degrees - 25 degree ] but still, you won't feel any sweatiness due to its breezy climate this is the only real beauty of Auli Uttarakhand.

Monsoon - Amidst ( June to August ), in Auli you will feel max 20-degree temperature and the sweet smell of flowers powering at this occasional time, the rainfall will blow your mind with multiple rainbows around there.

Winter - During ( November to March ) max temperature recorded 15 degrees to date and min -1 so this freezy time makes Tourister more enthusiastic to feel the beauty of Auli Uttarakhand.

Conclusion: I hope you guys enjoyed this article on "Auli Uttarakhand" if any suggestion by your side so, you can take away my comment box in your bag I won't say anything.

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